Limited edition: handpainted goldleaf posters​

Special edition – limited to a few copies

These are the Donkere Maan posters, treated with a handpainted coating of gold.
So much love and attention are put into these posters. I’m fully confident they will brighten up any room they’re welcomed in.
The light reflects beautifully off the golden layer, which makes them amazing eye catchers and a truly luxurious gift.

Please note: These are made to order and take quite a bit of time to create. Please allow a few days of shipping!


Illustrations that have become part of my personal tradition to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of winter.
However the designs have become more and more open to interpret them as your own.

I am proud many have found their ways to the homes of your loved ones, to be sent as birthday celebrations, are now framed within your homes or even are asked to empower your personal altar. Thank you!


If you feel drawn towards one of my illustrations I offer these high quality prints on A3 paper.
I am truly grateful for the honor to be invited to decorate your space with my art. <3


Printing with a linoblock requires personal attention and time.
Each print comes out differently so each print is unique. It is such a refreshing way to work with illustration like what we’re used to with digital printers.