POSTER - Dandelions

A3 poster on high quality paper.
Limited print.


Each midwinter I reflect upon my past year. What did I learn, what am I grateful for, who was close to me..?
These are my main inspirations for these drawings, in honor of those celebrating the old ways.

This series is inspired by the treasures of the night and the practice of Utiseta.
“Utiseta” means “sitting out” and is woven into old tradition. It is the practice of sitting outside, alone, in a place in nature. Sometimes during the dark of the night and sometimes for days on end. It is to connect to your surroundings, spirits or inner self.
What do you learn when you just sit and observe?
Do you see new patterns in your surroundings? Do you find new meaning for your thoughts? Who are you reaching to contact? Do you learn things about yourself that you did not want to see? What are you feeling? Are you comfortable here?

I think we can all agree that the year 2020 has been a weird one. It obviously had and has many losses, challenges and horrible things that I am in no way trying to dismiss. But I think it also holds many lessons and it is okay to find something to hold onto. I became inspired by the treasures of the night. The results are four gentle designs that reflect the beauty of nature and the calmness of the winter.

(Dandelions) Once you see with the eyes of nature you will see what richness lays around you. The simple happiness that hides in everyday life. Did you know there are moths that only live during the night yet hold the most beautiful of colors on their wings? We don’t know why, it doesn’t seem to have a purpose other than to just be beautiful. A gift for the eyes and heart. Do you pluck out the weeds from your garden or do you learn to listen how to walk together?
Dare to wish. Dare to ask. Enjoy the richness of whatever you make possible for yourself.

Of course you are free to interpret my drawings to however you feel about them.
This text is meant as my point of inspiration and reference <3

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