project: CD & vinyl design (2020)

Dystopia - Geen Weg Uit

Grafisch ontwerp voor de LP, CD en casette
Bandfoto ter promotie
Social media kit ter promotie & advies
Illustratie voor t-shirt design
social media assistance(since november 2021)

Foto op de cover is gemaakt door Bob Sebastian.

For Dutch doom black metal band Dystopia I was asked to do the graphic design for the latest album.

We were able to meet up and took the time to discus the values of the band. What message do you want to get across? What is the concept of this album?

I got a clear idea of what they we’re looking for and started designing.
We went with a clean, minimalistic design.

For the inside of both the CD and Vinyl we shot new bandphotos, which are also used for promotion. This also gave me the opportunity to shoot some textured photos of the setting which are later used in the design.

Personally I think they add something truly unique to the genre and am loving their atmospheric sound. Do give it a try yourself.

project: Book illustrations (2021)

Weaving Cycles - cyclical journal

Thirteen illustrations for Weaving Cycles

I’ve had the honor of creating 13 illustrations for the Weaving Cycles journal for the coming year. Weaving Cycles is an initiative of Dörte Stanek. She helps people connect with their natural cycles and bodies.

This beautiful hardcover book works as a calendar and diary. It provides plenty of space for you to make notes on how you are doing or if anything stands out. Tracking each day can help you gain overview of certain patterns in your mood and body. (If this interests you; make sure to learn about “mooncharting”)

Each month comes with an illustration and these fell into my hands this year.
It was a nice challenge to leave my pen and pencils and start making digital work.

project: CD design (2015)

L.E.A.F. (Kati Rán) - Lys

Graphic and illustrative design, lettering for CD
Illustrations used for merchandise and stage decoration

LEAF bandlogo is not done by me.

In 2015 I had the pleasure of working together with Kati Rán for her project L.E.A.F.

Inspired by animism and Nordic history we went for a natural and simple design.
This is one of the few projects I’ve only used digital drawings for.

The design on the cover of the owl and birch trees are black and white ink printed on recycled cardboard paper. This was done out of eco-friendly considerations but also gave the design some extra texture for the right finishing touch.

For the booklet I used painted paper as texture to layer the texts and illustrations on. It was a fun challenge to fit all the lyrics in both languages on the pages, while still honouring the design and concept.

I personally love the outcome of this collaboration. Some of the artwork was also used for the backdrops during stage performances and in merchandise. 


project: brand design (2018 – 2020)

House of Elder

In 2018, together with a friend, I opened a modern spiritual store in the citycenter of Haarlem.

From the beginning till I left in september 2020 I did all the interior and graphic design.

I went for a modern yet atmospheric corporate identity. 

This turned out not to be the right path for me so in 2020 I decided to leave. It was a hard choice but I am now more than happy to finally pursue what I was meant to do:

Create beautiful artwork and help people with their designs.

House of Elder Atelier Solawende Charlotte
Logo Design
Bij Isis
Ananda Nieuwetijdswinkel
House of Elder Atelier Solawende Charlotte
House of Elder
Alruna Art Collective Solawende Bereklauw Maanzaad Mandragora Mandrake
Alruna Art Collective
Goedvolk Collectief
Into The Labyrinth
Poster & Flyer Design
Poster Oogstfeest Ijzertijdboerderij Dongen Atelier Solawende