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Art always has been part of my life. Ever since I was young, I felt drawn towards the mythical side of life. While my little brother was collecting cars to play with, I collected trolls. My favorite movies to watch were the ones with fairytale stories and creatures. At the schoolplay I desperately wanted the role of the medieval witch. I loved history and the stories of the old gods and cultures. Combine these fascinations with the love for drawing and crafting and there you find the base of my work.

I’ve experimented with a lot of art forms over the years. Clay, wool felt, oil paints, watercolors, etching, book binding, photography, pyrography, collage, to name a few. The one consistent was drawing. Though I feel the need for cross-overs often(which drove the teachers at art school nuts haha!) and create something new.
I tend to feel into the story that I’d like to tell, collect a moodboard, let it brew for a while and then at the right moment of inspiration: start drawing. Usually the end result is pretty close to the first sketch I do, as I’ve adjusted and ‘see’ all the lines and symbolism already in my imagination. I sketch it down, perfect some of the lines or move around with composition and then keep it that way. For me this is the purest form to transfer thoughts or mood to paper.

I love to look at many different artforms, but one ingredient that I am always searching for is the right atmosphere. I want the artist to draw me into their world and show me what is there. Which is also what I hope to do with my own work, with anything that I do. Create an experience and to pull you away from your troubles for a little while.

Solawende is the name with which I create. Drawings, dotwork altar pieces or handpoked tattoos. It is a mashup from “Soli (har) venda”; which we can translate to ‘the sun is turning’ or ‘the sun has turned’. It is a line that is sung in Jara, by Wardruna(Gap Var Ginnungap, 2009).

Like I mentioned earlier; I like the balance between light and dark. Day and night. The time of solstice when we are in between two seasons. This ‘in between’ is something I’m drawn towards.
As a nice coincidence, I am born on the 22th of december, around the time of the midwinter solstice.

Earlier I used to work as “Simbelmyne Hills”; the flowers that were said to grow on the burial hills of Rohan, in the Lord of the Rings series. Also a theme where the flowers work as the medium between the underworld and our- or upper world. Digging with their roots into the dark soil so their petals reach the sun. But this name was too confusing for most people and to be honest I found it a bit too nerdy too.

When searching for a better name it didn’t take long until I took inspiration from ‘Soli har venda’ and came up with ‘Solawende’. In honor of the balance between life and death and therefore life itself. Celebrating life and wonder.

My inspiration comes from many sources but most of all from the natural world and (Northern) European folklore.

I cannot think of a drawing that does not at least include some leafs or animals or has a reference to a story of old. I tend to zoom in; admire structures and the landscape that, for example a piece of rock, shows for me to draw creatures or landscapes over.

I create with what I find and find myself working with themes of light and dark. Life and death. The space in between and beyond.

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Alruna – House of Elder – Goedvolk 

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(work in progress)

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